Reviews about my Services

Becky has proved invaluable in working with a young man who has Autism and Learning Disabilities. She supported and advised my client and his Mum in sourcing a puppy and went the extra mile in visiting potential new puppies and preparing my client and his home for a puppy.

Becky has been resourceful, adaptable and creative in her approach to puppy training. She has helped to make my client's dream of being a dog owner come true!

Thank you Becky, we could not have done this without you!
Suzanne -Independent Living Solutions Case Manager
We met Becky when we needed support with our young springer spaniel, Henley and ongoing behavioural challenges. As part of her Dynamic Dog Assessment, Becky carefully observed Henley, listened to us and passed no judgement. Becky is the reason we have now discovered Henley has a problem with his spine that we had not been able to diagnose since he was a puppy. Becky has been instrumental in changing all of our lives, for the better. We cannot thank her enough.Sharon & Jim
We began working with Becky a couple of months ago when we got our English Pointer puppy, Douglas. Having not had a dog for a number of years my husband and I had lots to learn! Becky was so patient from the outset and nothing was too much trouble. She always explained clearly what we were going to cover in the session and followed it up with comprehensive worksheets. She also recommended some great resources, a snuffle mat, harness, a tanki fleece as well as pate for treats and food which was much better for Douglas than what we had been buying. Becky was always patient and her genuine love of, and care for dogs shone through on all her visits. Douglas loved her to bits and was always so pleased to see her. We’d all like to thank her so much for helping to get him off to such a great start!Donna & Mike
When Becky first met our lovely, exuberant, challenging girl, we were very impressed by her calm, confident approach and her willingness to help. Having owned numerous dogs over many years, we were perhaps a little complacent in assuming that our tried and tested training methods would work with our latest dog. Unfortunately, said strategy hadn't worked this time! With limitless patience, Becky introduced us to modern training techniques, going above and beyond in her efforts to help us understand the complexities of how a dog's mind works, which led to a better understanding of our dog and provided a way forward. Thank you very much Becky, for all your help and positivity. Jane & Annie
Becky offered a great service - responded quickly, understood the issues, was able to clearly and calmly demonstrate some strategies in a 1:1 and provide detailed worksheets for ongoing training. Clearly passionate about helping dogs and their owners to behave well. Extremely knowledgeable and confident.Geoff
Becky is a highly valued fellow dog trainer who ran some of my Puppy Training classes. She is calm, professional, knowledgeable and fully qualified in positive training methods with the IMDT. Clients feel comfortable with her and receive tailored advice to give their puppies the very best start in life. Ellen (IMDT) - Owner of Four Paws Pet Services
Becky has helped us to understand why Barney is behaving the way he is, and given us the support, guidance and information we needed to move forward in positive steps with his training.

Barney is happier and more relaxed, less anxious and becoming more confident each day, as we continue with his training with Becky's support.

We are also becoming much more confident ourselves as Becky continues to teach us a better understanding of Barney and how important it is to read his body language and how we engage with him.

Great relief and elation is what we feel now we can see progress, and this is helping us to build on our human-dog relationship with 'our boy Barney'.

Thank you Becky for all your help, information and continued support, as we continue on our journey with Barney!
Christine and Rob