My Qualifications

Professional Memberships Full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) including the Behaviourist specialism (IMDTB)
Professional member of the Pet Professional Network
Professional Qualifications L3 (OCN) Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour: Learning, Motivation & Reinforcement – 6 months (IMDT)
L4 (OCN) Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour: Consultations, Foundations and Function of Behaviour – 12 months (IMDT)
L5 (OCN) Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour: Analysis & Application -12 months (IMDTB)
Professional Day Care and Boarding - 6 months (IMDT)
In progress: L6 (Ofqual) Canine Behaviour Expert (TheDoGenius)
In progress: Dynamic Dog Practitioner

Courses / Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Dog Training Perfect Puppy (IMDT)

Canine Body Language (IMDT)

Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation (IMDT)

Practical Instructor – 4 days (IMDT)

Impulse Control (IMDT)

Loose Lead Walking (IMDT)

Happy Recallers (IMDT)

Canine First Aid (IMDT)

The Exercises: Foundation to Advanced (IMDT)
Dog Behaviour Separation Distress (Anxiety) & Related
Disorders (IMDTB)

Behaviour Case Studies -2 days (IMDTB)

Breed & Predatory Motor Patterns (IMDTB)

Dog to Human Aggression (IMDTB)

Noise Sensitivity & Phobias (IMDTB)

Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours (IMDTB)

Resource Guarding (IMDTB)

The Canine Brain - webinar (IMDT)

Pain & Behaviour - webinar (IMDT)

Red Flag Behaviours - Canine Emotional Health - webinar (IMDT)
Other Rescue Dogs – 5 days training at a Rescue
Centre (IMDT)

Career as a Dog Trainer – 2 days (IMDT)

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction – webinar (IMDT)

Grieving the Loss of a Pet – webinar (IMDT)

Crate Rest & Restricted Exercise – webinar (IMDT)

Dogs and Kids – webinar (IMDT)

Trainers working together with Veterinary
Practices – webinar (IMDT)

Preparing Dogs For The Vets - webinar (IMDT)

Breed & Predatory Motor Patterns - webinar (IMDT)

Owner Motivation - webinar (IMDT)

Thoughtful Enrichment - webinar (IMDT)

Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) Advocate Level 1