Behaviour Consultation

My Approach The Consultation is an in-depth process to provide you with strong foundation support. It is around 4-6 hours of my time for tailored advice.
I fully understand just how difficult it can be to cope with a dog’s problems and am fully committed to use my expertise and time to help you rebuild your relationship with your dog and improve your confidence when working through their issues.

I start by doing a Consultation which is when I work with you to identify what is causing your dog to behave in the way that they do. This could be a one-off incident, anxiety, attributable to their history (for example if a rescue dog), or a multitude of other reasons.
During the Consultation, we will cover some control and management methods to help you manage the issues in the short term. We will also discuss some longer-term training methods to rehabilitate your dog.
After the Consultation, you will receive a tailored Behaviour Support Plan. This will:
  • Explain the steps needed to help your dog at an achievable pace for you
  • Be easy to understand (no technical jargon!)
  • Explain what extra equipment you’ll need (if any)
  • Help you understand what your dog is telling you through their Body Language
  • Describe how to make it enjoyable for you and your dog
Behavioural issues are often complex so you will need patience, understanding and consistency to help your dog. One-off Consultations are rarely sufficient to help a dog with behavioural issues to fully rehabilitate, so you may need further Support Sessions.
Note: in some cases, I may ask that your dog has a veterinary check to rule out pain or medical issues as contributing factors. I may also ask you to sign a simple form so that I can obtain details of your dog’s medical issues from the vet.
Behavioural Consultation - What's Included?Here’s what’s included in an initial Behavioural Consultation with me:
    15 minute free pre-consultation call
    You’ll complete a Consultation Form providing core details, to be submitted 72 hours before our Consultation.
    I will send you an outline plan for our Consultation so that you know what to expect.
    In person where possible (or by Zoom) – a 1 ½ - 2 hour consultation.
    You’ll receive a tailored Behaviour Support Plan within 72 hours of our Consultation.
    I will summarise our discussions in a Follow-Up Report which you’ll get with your Behaviour Support Plan.
    I'm available to help with your questions as you implement the Support Plan for 2 weeks after our Consultation.
Additional Behavioural SupportMost behavioural issues require more than an initial Consultation. Follow-up 1-2-1 Behavioural Support Sessions last 60 minutes (in person where possible or by Zoom). I am happy to provide a tailored fee for multiple follow-up support sessions when booked at the same time.
If I need to travel more than 5 miles (each way) from my home for any Session, then an additional Travel Charge will apply.
Additional Support£65 per hourBook Now
Puppy Training
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My services include pre-arrival consultations, core training techniques to prevent future behavioural issues, and troubleshooting specific problems.
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Adult Dog Training
My 1-2-1 training support is designed to help owners of adolescent and adult dogs with specific training needs, for example pulling on the lead or jumping up at visitors.

Rescue dogs sometimes need extra help when settling into a new home and my kind, simple techniques will enable them to learn in a positive, fun way.
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